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Six Ways to Keep Your Marriage Alive and Well

Sure, maintaining a healthy marriage is no easy task. While many things can go wrong in a marriage, there are also little (albeit important) things you can do to keep your marriage in a good place. Divorce attorneys in Scottsdale recommend considering the following points about a maintaining a fantastic marriage.

Your marriage is a daily practice

Your relationship should be honored as a blessing on a day-to-day basis. At a minimum, spending a minimum of five minutes a day holding hands or talking or whatever you decide that intimacy is so that you’ve checked in with each other and checked out of everything else that’s going on. You can think of marriage as a daily practice that can alleviate the daunting feelings that come with a lifetime commitment.

Be on the same page

Many couples rush into engagement without making sure both parties are truly on the same page. This can lead to a very rocky start of a marriage. In a microcosm, it can be all the same problems that you cross in your marriage later on (being okay with something you’re not okay with, not speaking, doing things too quickly because you think the other person expects it, etc.). You should really check in with your partner every day.

Only you control your own happiness

As much as you and your partner adore each other, there’s only one person in charge of your own happiness—and to pretend otherwise is to place an unfair burden on the person you love. You’re just a person, and you’re ultimately the only person who’s responsible for your own happiness.

Find the balance between partner and parent

Raising kids is, without a doubt, a full-time job. So is being a spouse. Just as it’s essential to nurture your children, it’s equally essential to nurture your marriage, too.

Sometimes divorce is the best answer…

Many people don’t want to admit that under specific circumstances, splitting up is what’s best for everyone. Ultimately, there is no reason for everybody to be unhappy. Sometimes, the most unselfish decision you can make is to extract yourself from a situation in which everybody’s unhappy.

…But sometimes it isn’t

On the other hand, there is a palpable difference between using divorce as a way to avoid confronting difficult, but ultimately solvable problems, and simply using it as a necessity. Many people get divorced for the wrong reasons. Try not to make any life-changing decisions without doing everything you can to alleviate issues you may be having.