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Craig Cherney, Esq.

Craig Cherney is a different kind of attorney. He truly listens and solves problems rather than merely identify risks.  When possible, Craig also seeks to resolve cases early, and quickly so that the marital estate can be preserved for both spouses and the children.


Craig is also a unique talent for a family law dispute. Craig brings complex real property, business and financial expertise to family law matters enabling him to offer clients a tremendous strategic advantage. Craig has testified in multiple cases as a real estate expert witness.  He provides a unique perspective to complex issues like asset valuation, asset recovery, disposition and sale of real property, division and valuation of of business partnerships, determining present value of future income streams and locating hidden assets or income often implicated in family law disputes.


In law school, only the top graduates are offered the privilege of working for a federal judge. Craig was one of the few, to clerk for not just one federal judge after law school, but two active federal judges. Clerking for a sitting federal judge is the toughest training an attorney can get, bar none. Having participated in countless federal court trials, Craig’s writing skills are razor sharp. This exceptional writing ability complements his skills in the family law courtroom where he seeks the highest and best result obtainable by law.


Craig was first admitted to practice law 21 years ago and is actively licensed in three states: Arizona, California, and Nevada. Mr. Cherney will bring strong and reliable legal skills to your case, and he will not back away from a highly contested matter if required.  He will fight to preserve and obtain your share of the marital estate.



Jonathan Ibsen, Esq.

Jonathan Ibsen is well versed in bankruptcy, litigation, family and business law and is licensed in Arizona and New York.


Jon has represented debtors, official committees of creditors, secured creditors, receivers, landlords, trade creditors, buyers and sellers of distressed assets, boards of directors Chapter 7 trustees, and individuals in sophisticated matters throughout the United States.


Jon’s representations have encompassed a wide variety of industries, including: real estate, brokerage, retail, healthcare, energy, telecommunications, sports and entertainment. His bankruptcy experience transcends a broad cross of section of services including: counseling and advising clients, the commencement of bankruptcy cases and the confirmation of plans of reorganization or liquidation. He has also negotiated DIP financing credit facilities and cash collateral agreements, drafted and negotiated plans of reorganization and disclosure statements, litigated adversary proceedings and contested claims, and represented his clients in arbitrations, mediations and appeals.


Mr. Ibsen brings years of Big Law Firm experience directly to you in a boutique law firm setting.  Jon’s exceptionally strong court room skills can mean the difference between winning and losing the merits of your case.


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