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Canterbury Law Group has handled 250+ divorces and family litigation disputes over the past 5 years alone.

Canterbury Law Group is always available to help you with your legal questions. Contact us today to arrange an initial consultation.

About Us

Canterbury Law Group was founded in Scottsdale, Arizona to provide legal counsel at the highest level possible. We are a unified and dynamic team of lawyers and paralegals deeply committed to solving our clients’ potentially life-changing problems.

We handle delicate and complex cases throughout the United States with an emphasis in Arizona, California, Nevada and New York. At Canterbury Law Group, each of our litigators carries strong courtroom presence, which enables clients to obtain maximum results.

Practice Areas

Our attorneys are licensed to practice law in Arizona, California, Nevada and New York, and routinely practice in other jurisdictions on a pro hac vice basis.

Family Law

Our lawyers handle all family law disputes including Phoenix divorce, child custody, paternity, prenuptial agreements, grandparent’s rights, spousal maintenance, and more.

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The firm is uniquely qualified to represent debtors, creditors, trustees, and committees in both personal and business bankruptcies in federal court. We handle Chapter 11, Chapter 13 bankrupcty cases often.

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Real Estate

Canterbury Law Group can meet any of your real estate needs, including purchase, sale, refinance, entitlements, land use, zoning, master development agreements and more.

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Our Attorneys

Our attorneys are deal makers, not deal breakers, and we will do everything in our power to deliver our legal services on time and under budget.

I’ve litigated against Craig - in fact, we had a really challenging case against each other. My mind changed about him when we had a collaborative law case against each other. He’s fair, he negotiates with energy but he doesn’t manufacture conflict just to run up fees. A lot of lawyers will do this but Craig does the right thing. I recently watched Craig devote time, unpaid, on a Sunday to someone who desperately needed his fair, even-handed and stable approach. Wow. Good lawyer and better person.

- Jennifer Moshier

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Canterbury Law Group is always available to help you with your legal questions. Contact us today to arrange an initial consultation.