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Canterbury Law Group a Scottsdale, Arizona law firm which is also licensed in California, Nevada and New York such that we can serve your needs across multiple jurisdictions. The firm’s professionals seek to provide solutions and solve problems, on time and under budget so that you can focus on what is most important to you. Our Scottsdale lawyers and paralegals are ready, willing and able to to discuss your legal issues and begin generating a plan to resolve them.

Arizona statutes and regulations are often complex and challenging to navigate without competent legal counsel. Our lawyers excel in addressing and solving your Arizona legal issues. We are sensitive to each client’s unique schedule, budget and recognize the importance of confidentiality and discretion. When you partner with Canterbury Law Group for your Arizona legal needs, you become part of a dynamic legal team seeking to serve your best interests and striving to deliver the highest and best results the law allows.


Our lawyers are deal makers, not deal breakers. The firm seeks to avoid costly litigation when privately negotiated settlements or private mediation can largely accomplish your goals at what is usually a lower cost and faster time window. However, when pressed by our opponents, we strike back with strength and vigor and will advance a matter to trial on the merits if required.


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