ocate, keep, and preserve your property and assets, even after divorce.

Canterbury Law Group handles all types of family law matters including:

Protecting Your Property In Divorce
Family law inevitably involves disputes and ultimately resolution. The marital stakes usually involve significant assets acquired during marriage or assets which will be paid out over time after the marriage dissolves. When private settlement attempts fail, the parties are routed through the state courts which will decide virtually all remaining issues in your case according to the law and preferences of the judge assigned.


As seasoned family law practitioners, Canterbury Law Group will position your case for the highest likelihood of a favorable outcome. We intend to fight to keep what is yours, and keep your opponent's hands off what you have earned the right to keep. Our firm prides itself on its extensive, live, in-court experience.

In family law, the court room is ultimately where many of the most important decisions will be made. We will ensure thorough preparation for each and every public hearing appearance all the way through trial and into appeals as needed.


You will not be left behind during this preparation and trial execution phase. You will be treated as a valuable part of our litigation team, and can often serve a compelling role in document gathering, strategies and trial execution at a level that you deem appropriate for your own personal needs. If personal involvement is not your preference, we can take the lead on virtually every aspect of your case and mitigate your involvement or personal court appearances to the extent allowed under the law. We, like you, will know the facts, the law and position ourselves to achieve the highest degree of success the law allows. Our record speaks for itself.


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