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Protecting Who You Love Most During Child Custody and Parenting Disputes
At Canterbury Law Group, we believe that a team approach to resolving child custodial and support issues can pay dividends for all parties in the long term. That is because children’s issues do not come swiftly to an end the moment that an initial Decree becomes final. To the contrary, the Decree is often only the starting point and core document upon which years of future conduct and mutual child-related obligations will flow. That is why it is so important to have competent family law counsel by your side to aid you in the drafting and execution of your initial Decree documentation. The Decree will impact your life and the life of your children for many years.


Most of the family law attorneys and staff here have children of their own and personally know the importance of your children’s present and future well-being both during and after a family law dispute. Rather than have the children sit by and watch parents litigate over their future, we invite children and parents alike to consider involvement with the process to limit or reduce court intervention in a manner that is most beneficial to the children. You will receive expert legal assistance from our family law attorneys and other trained professionals specifically trained and licensed in matters involving children. Decisions should not and will not be made in a vacuum and our child custody attorneys will help you evaluate and navigate the custodial and child support issues that inevitably arise.


For example, a child specialist can help develop a specific parenting plan in the best interests of the children which is based on years or decades of similar efforts in other cases. If handled properly, this comprehensive approach can provide long-term benefits to you, your children and even your ex-spouse. Our firm’s philosophy and approach can save you time, money and anxiety about navigating this sensitive area.


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