Criag Cherney, Divorce Attorney

"Craig is an outstanding attorney based on his extremely intellectual knowledge of the federal and state court systems..."


"Craig Cherney has been a game changer for me in my dispute with my ex-spouse..."


"II am 100% pleased with the outcome of my situation."



Craig Cherney (and his entire staff) recently aided me through a difficult legal process involving child custody and concerns pertaining to the safety and well-being of my young child.  This was an extremely painful process, throughout which Craig performed his legal duties with excellence.  He was always quick to respond to my concerns, gave me the support in sorting through my thoughts and ideas (redirecting when needed), was always reliable in keeping me informed, and made the process feel seamless.  Most importantly, I always felt confident that we were performing as a team.  We both worked diligently TOGETHER in assessing the situation from different angles, seeking out information, and becoming educated in the process.  Craig and his legal staff never acted in a way that caused me to feel pressured, rushed, incompetent, devalued, or inferior.  I feel that my opinions and insights were respected and that he took the information I provided him, studied it, sought my feedback, and performed as an excellent advocate for my child (and me, of course).  His level of professionalism was superb and it was very clear to me that he is well versed and knowledgeable in his work.  Craig always seemed to act with good reason and sound judgment, yet clear and direct.  I also appreciate that he sought input from colleagues when navigating unclear or complicated territory, rather than taking risks in the court room.  Craig and his staff were well worth the investment and I plan on keeping him on my case indefinitely.  

Thank you to Craig and his professional associates for a job well done.  I am 100% pleased with the outcome of my situation. -- R Marie

I want to formally thank Mr. Cherney and and his head paralegal Leslie for representing me in my divorce...with your straightforwardness and sympathetic understanding you were able to ease my "fears" and concerns. You both displayed honesty, dignity, humility and compassion during this ordeal. You gave me much more than just great legal assistance, you helped me gain my confidence back. Both of you are wonderful and you helped kept my "eye on the ball". Thanks for help making the rest of my life a lot more peaceful. -- Elizabeth H.


Craig is an outstanding attorney based on his extremely intellectual knowledge of the federal and state court systems.  He puts in the necessary hours to research and learn everything he can regarding the issues raised.  Plus with his strong network of people, it allows Craig to find you the top resources necessary to win your case.  He's handled my matters well because of his dedication and attention to the details, promptness to filing and responding to the case, as well as he is always available and responds quickly when I have questions or concerns.  It has been a pleasure to work with such a professional and dedicated attorney. -- Kelly N.

Craig is an amazing attorney.  He is rare in that he not only possesses a keen knowledge of the law but also an acute business acumen.  His legal skills coupled with his business sense sets him apart from the rest.  He is a level-headed, reasonable and caring person.  He will handle your matter as if it were his own.  He is a true legal gem.  I recommend Craig and his firm without hesitation. -- Heidi K.


Craig Cherney has been a game changer for me in my dispute with my ex-spouse who attempted to  take my children away without my consent.  He speaks directly and to the point. He has a great ability to reduce complex concepts and laws to their bare essentials.  Another thing I really like about Craig is that he is punctual, on time and always calls me back when I have questions.  I really feel like he is present in my case.  This is in stark contrast to other lawyers with whom I have worked with in the past.  I have recommended Craig to my friends and colleagues and will look to him again if presented another legal challenge. --  Dana B.

Mr. Cherney is by far one of the most talented individuals I know.  His knowledge of the law, the needs of professionals seeking his services, and how the law relates to both was a huge asset when assisting me in drafting and negotiating a complex contract in Las Vegas, NV.  I was thoroughly impressed with his ability to protect my interests while remaining fair to both parties.  This was not the first time I had the pleasure of working with Craig and he will be the first person I call should I require his services again.  I highly recommend that anyone needing a truly knowledgeable and professional individual on their side enlist him to be a part of their team. -- Eric T.

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