Orders Of Protection


Orders Of Protection

Canterbury Law Group excels in having wrongfully obtained or fraudulent Orders of Protection quashed and thrown out of court.  Do not delay in contacting an experienced OOP attorney immediately if you have been served with an OOP.


Orders of Protection (or “Injunctions Against harrassment”) are binding injunctive commands issued by a Court to protect a spouse from being harmed, harassed or threatened by another spouse or co-parent. The legal standards for securing an order of protection vary depending on the history of the two parties’ relationship. It is essential to contact an attorney to evaluate and invoke your rights.


Unfortunately, OOP’s are frequently used by spouses as a powerful divorce weapon.  These partners will fabricate factual allegations of domestic violence or physical harm in an effort to have the other spouse removed from the martial residence, taken from the children, and have the spouse court-ordered to not speak with or see the “protected” spouse and/or children.  OOPs are often immediately preceded or followed by divorce petitions by your opponent.


If you have been served with an Order of Protection and locked out of your residence, barred from retrieving your personal property and barred from seeing or speaking to your children-act immediately. Contact our lawyers in Scottsdale, Las Vegas or San Diego and to immediately mobilize your defense.


Upon written notice of objection to the Court, we can have you in Court within 5 to 10 court days for a full evidentiary hearing where we not only will seek to have the court vacate and quash the wrongful injunction, but we will set the record straight, clear your name and your reputation. If you ignore or let an Order of Protection ‘stand’–you are likely to face severe negative consequences in any concurrent divorce and are likely to highly dilute your custody rights.