We are here as counselors, advisors and problem solvers. To us, law is a profession. Each and every client is treated with personal care and trust. We ensure that clients fully understand the risks and opportunities for every decision made. We are always here to listen and invite you for a complimentary consultation.

Family Law

Your home and property is a key part of divorce

In family law issues, the best offense is often having the most prepared, most knowledgeable and the most seasoned attorney.

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Plan ahead to protect your assets in bankruptcy

If you are considering bankruptcy, plan ahead. You can protect your assets with advance legal planning.

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Real Estate

Be sure to get the emotional support you need from your attorney

Our law firm can handle a variety of complex real estate matters across all asset classes.

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Child custody and child support is the most important part of divorce

The firm represents clients in matters ranging from routine state court issues to multi-district actions in federal court.

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Complimentary Consultations
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